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Firstly anyone watching Big Brother UK? It started off pretty rubbish but its getting better and please don't kill me for watching it!! :P Been watching it for 6 years now! Anyway for those who watch it what do you think about Mary?

Film: Dracula
TV: Addams Family
Book: Mists Of Avalon
Food: Seafood"

And also i came in on them talking about goths. And she said she was one, and i think she said some good stuff. Like how you don't have to have black hair and white face to be a goth, though she does dress up sometimes. Think she said she would dress up for them sometime too.. which should be interesting. I'm glad that shes on and not some neo-goth ahh that would have given out the wrong idea to people if they went on about what a goth meant - with so many people watching!! o__o


Also i wondered why my dad keeps asking me about if i have goth friends. Anyway i've found out why.
My mum went to me today, "Have you heard whats happening at the cathedral tonight, its so exciting"
Me: "No.."
Mum: "Their getting lots of goths to the alpha course and theres a rock band playing too"
Me: "..."
Mum: "Yeah they've been talking to the ones round the godiva statue they seemed really interested.."
Me: "Oh no! Their not goths, their just poseurs!!" >;|

And my dad shall probably go down tonight - i feel very sorry for him. Ugh a room full of neo-goths!! And after him going he'll then think thats what goths are *shakes head*. I think hes trying to get me to go. Because yeah a room of neo-goths really wants me to go now!! XD

And they all hang out by the godiva statue in my city. Its kind of annoying as i have to walk through them to get to the bookshop. But i don't think the local council like them being there coz nearly every week when i go into town they put huge buses - to advertise like the bendi bus or have morris dances. Its so hilarious, because the gawths are trying to continue sitting on the benches trying to look miserable and theres morris dances a foot away XD
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