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Goth isn't dead... it just sucks now

Certainly Not Nightshade
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A Study of Gothic Subculture

This community was founded in order to combat the proliferation of neo-goths that have invaded the goth subculture. You know who they are ... they are easy to spot in real life and on the internet. Here are some signs to warn you that you have come into contact with one:

1. Some listen to nu-metal bands such as Korn and Slipknot and claim that they
are ‘true goths’. Others listen to EBM and/or synthpop acts such as VNV Nation and say that they can’t dance to that slow depressing goth music because it's not bouncy enough.

2. They wear those big baggy pants that make them look like they took a crap in them. To make matters worse they attach chains and straps all over them.

3. They draw designs all over their faces and wonder why people make fun of them.

4. They ask you if you are depressed because you are wearing black at a goth club.

5. Many of them think that punk and goth are two separate identities and should never
be mixed. This of course means that they have no knowledge of the subculture that they
are trying so hard to fit into.

6. They join every rating community in existence because they think this makes them
more ‘goth’ than the people they look down upon.

7. Usually they are under the age of twenty, but there are also quite a few older than
that. Don’t be fooled by age.

8. Many want or think that they can DJ.

9. They can be very defensive when somebody confronts them. Swear words are their
weapons, not making sense is their weakness.

10. Their pain is greater than yours so you better learn how to cut your wrists.

Have you run into a lot of these neo-goths at clubs or just while taking a stroll down the street? Are you sick of them asking you if Christian Death is as good as Marilyn Manson? If so then this is the place for you. You are allowed to bitch, rant, and expose those who you think qualify to be a neo-goth. Death threats will not be tolerated.

By the by:
This is not a place to promote your club night. I'm sure your night is great, and I'm sure there are some people here who would like to know about it, this community is not the place for it. Try deathrock or post_punk, or any of the myriad of communities created for those purposes. Anyone looking for good club night recommendations is encouraged to seek them elsewhere.