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I did not expect this in Union Square

but I should have, Union Square has become a gentrified borefest.

So I was meeting some friends of mine from out of town, and as soon as they found us, this guy in shitty huge black strappy whatever pants comes over to us. For the record, we were dressed like this. Also maybe of note is that I was wearing my rockinghorses, which generally get mixed reactions. This is important.

"Why do you guys dress like that?" he asked us. This is not a new or unexpected question for us, so we answered that it was because we like it.

"Don't you know it's not cool, though?" he said, looking at us like he was playing missionary to the natives.

My friend pointed at his pants, saying, "What are you wearing? What is this?"

"Those are straps. For raves." lol lol lol. He also made the cheesiest "Rock on!" face while throwing a pair of goats.

My friend: "Where'd you get them, Hot Topic?"

Moi: "In 1995?"

He had nothing more to say because he knew in his heart we had defeated him with our frilly-ass clothing, so he yelled something like "HOT TOPIC FUCKING SUCKS" and went somewhere with his lameass buddies, presumably to sulk about how some infantile-looking girls had called bullshit on his questionable style.

And that is the story of how some ridiculous but stylish girls put an end to one ridiculous and patently UNstylish asshole.
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